Albert and Co
Albert and Co


The original gangsters of the Shropshire alternative scene, Telford boys LF are punky/poppy (but not pop-punk, ye get me?) and delightfully handsome, kick-ass performers.

They played Reading! They released an album in Japan! They need to record and release new material!

They’ll remind you of 90s indie with a little bit of the rawer sounds from the 00’s, if I put my NME journalistic hat on, I’d say imagine Blur having a hand shandy with The Cribs round the back of Happy Shopper. That sounds ludicrous doesn’t it?

Best go see ‘em and judge for yourselves innit.


Jul 08 2023


8:40 pm - 9:20 pm


Albert & Co Frankville
128 Frankwell, Shrewsbury SY3 8JX
November 2024
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