Albert & Co Frankville

Due to the current layout of our venue we do not have disabled access via the front door. We do have a fire escape at the back of the building (see on Google Maps) that can be used as an entrance for motorised wheelchairs to access the ground floor level. As this is a fire escape it’s not usually open, please inform a member of door security or call us on 01743 341 641.

We also have a disabled toilet on the ground floor.

For accessibility enquires, please use this form and a member of our team will answer you as soon as possible.

Seating can be provided on request. If you have difficulty standing and queuing please use this form to arrange early entry.

Albert & Co Frankville

Access by the front entrance is made up of 6 steps. Access via the back door/fire escape has a small incline. Due to the position of the front entrance on the main road, we recommend against dropping off here. Instead we suggest dropping off at the back door (see on Google Maps) and either ringing the buzzer for access or calling us on 01743 341 641

There is limited parking nearby. The closest car park is Frankwell Quay (1 minute walk) or Frankwell Main (3 minute walk).

Albert & Co Frankville

From the front entrance you’ll see a bar in front on you. On the left hand side of the bar you’ll find an entrance way to the right. The accessible toilet will be on your left, and the female toilets will face you straight on.

Please note, the male toilets are up a flight of steep stairs, if you have trouble walking up stairs we suggest using the accessible toilet.

Given the nature of the venue, we would discourage customers from bringing assistance dogs with them during shows and busy periods. We do however offer an essential companion concession in these instances.

Customers with accessibility difficulties who need a full-time assistant in order to attend an event are eligible to purchase 2-for-1 tickets, in order to bring a personal assistant or carer to the event at no extra cost.

To apply for a 2-for-1 ticket, please book a standard entry ticket and then email proof of eligibility using this form. We accept the Access Card as proof of eligibility and will provide the stated assistant tickets for that card.

For general entry on non-ticketed events, please provide your Access Card as proof of eligibility and we will waver the cost of entry for the assistant.

For customers with difficulty accessing visual information, this website is designed to be accessible. You can also contact the venues by telephone from Tuesday to Sunday between 12pm and 5pm. Contact telephone numbers are as follows:

Albert & Co Frankville Telephone Number is 01743 341 641

For customers with difficulty accessing audible information pre-visit feel free to use type talk to get in touch or any of the other communication methods via our website.

For all events at Albert & Co, please book a standard entry ticket through this website and then send proof of entry via this form.

Any of the below are accepted, in addition, we will review an application without these forms of evidence on a case-by-case basis.

  • Frontpage of DLA / PIP
  • Frontpage of Attendance Allowance letter
  • Evidence that registered severely sight impaired
  • Recognised Assistance Dog ID card

Once your request has been received and approved we will email you back with further information as to how your personal assistant ticket will be issued.

If paying on the door, disabled customers will have to pay for entry but their personal assistant will not.

We currently do not offer any audio enhancement systems although this is something we are exploring along with means of improving access to performances for anyone with an access requirement including deaf and hard of hearing, learning disabilities and autism.

We welcome audience members who need to be in possession of medicines, food, or drink to manage a medical condition, or medical equipment. Please contact us if you have any concerns. In the event of a medical emergency, please contact either security or venue staff.

We do not employ strobe lighting in the venue although some stage lighting does include flashing programmes.

Table service is available to audience members with access requirements on request. Please ask a member of venue staff who will be happy to help.
We welcome all feedback, positive and negative in regard to our access provision so please let us know how we are doing by talking to one of our team
or, if preferred contact us via the form below.


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